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International Women's Day / Tara Slone / Cammi Granato

In honour of International Women's Day... we present this special edition of The OUTSIDERS. During the last six months we were honoured to chat with Tara Slone from Sportsnet and Cammi Granato from the Seattle Kraken. We enjoyed both interviews and today we are replaying portions from each one. FULL interviews are available... just go back to Episode 28 for Tara and Episode 43 for Cammi. A 'Best Of' type of show. Enjoy!

Derek Wills / Sportsnet 960- The FAN

Derek Wills the Voice of the Flames on Sportsnet 960- The FAN joins us to talk about a crazy week in Calgary and what's possibly up next! Plus... Robin and Bryn try to wrap their heads around the mess in Buffalo and talk about the life of legendary Walter Gretzky.

Kevin Lowe / Oilers / Hockey Hall of Famer

Today Oiler's Kevin Lowe joined the boys on The OUTSIDERS... talked about his Hockey Hall of Fame induction, his recently named Order of Hockey Canada honour, tons of Oilers stories, golfing with Tiger Woods, updated his 'relationship' with Brian Burke, how he met the the love of his life- Karen Percy (and #11's reaction), plus his involvement with the community and various charitable organizations. We ran long with this episode....because we were having such a good time.

Patrick Laforge / Former Oilers CEO & President

Former Oilers CEO/President Patrick Laforge joins the boys on today's edition of The OUTSIDERS. With so many NHL outdoor games, including Lake Tahoe this weekend, we looked back at how they did the first one in the NHL in 2003. They almost pulled the plug on the Heritage Classic in Edmonton... but lots of back hallway meetings before deciding to move ahead. Plus we talked about Gary Bettman, the Edmonton Investors Group and the Battle of Alberta and how important the late Ken King was to the Calgary Flames.

Hockey Hall of Fame Writer Eric Duhatschek

HHoF Writer Eric Duhatschek joined us on the podcast today... covered a ton of topics... including: Battle of Alberta, tennis great Ivan Lendl, The London Lions, the mess in AZ with the Coyotes, the all Canadian division and much more. Plus we talked about the Longest game of Hockey, Tom Brady's completed pass from one boat to another, and the post final adventures of the Stanley Cup. Lots to digest.

TSN's Darren Dreger / 630CHED's Dave Campbell

Lots of Super Bowl and Tom Brady chatter... ALL of us actually enjoyed the half time show (recognizing we aren't the demo the NFL is seeking).... Plenty of NHL North chatter... the Edmonton football team has whittled down potential team names... plus will there be a CFL season? It's a veritable smorgasbord board of entertainment.

Seattle's Cammi Granato / TSN1200 AJ Jakubec

Joined today by Seattle Kraken Pro Scout and Hockey Hall of Famer Cammi Granato... plus TSN1200's AJ Jakubec is Ottawa. Lots of hockey talk, new Football Coach in Edmonton, what's the deal with the Ottawa Senators, Lots of Leon and Connor, and the QB Merry-Go-Round in the CFL.

Rob Vanstone / WHL, CFL, NFL, Hank Aaron, NHL North

Lots of stuff to talk about today with Rob Vanstone of the Regina Leader-Post. Will the WHL and CFL actually have a season? The importance of hockey to smaller communities. Autographs before it became a business. Plus much more... including a quick check in with sports fans, and sponsor, Brent MacIntosh.

NHL Season underway / Cam Moon - New Oilers Radio voice

New Oilers Radio play by play voice Cam Moon joined us to talk about his LONG build up to making it to the NHL and other great stuff.

Take the Long Road home... Jamie Cartmell / Kyle Brodziak

New Oilers Director of Communications Jamie Cartmell joins us to talk about his plans for keeping us all updated on the Oilers. Plus, former Oiler Kyle Brodziak is now retired and chatted about his long NHL career. BOTH guys took the career long road before returning home.

Peter Loubardias / NHL Camps underway / World Juniors

Peter Loubardias of Sportsnet 960/The FAN in Calgary joins us. Time to talk NHL training camps plus the final few days of the World Junior Hockey Championship in Edmonton.

The Best of The OUTSIDERS- the 2020 Edition

Bryn and Robin offer up a smattering of interesting interviews from this past 'COVID-shortened' season of The OUTSIDERS. This edition will run for the next two weeks until we return again full-time on January 4th. Happy Holidays to all!

Bob Stauffer / Oilers Now

Oilers Radio broadcaster Bob Stauffer joined Bryn and Robin on the podcast today... talked about a ton of hockey things... as per usual.

Seattle Kraken SVP Todd Humphrey

Seattle ready to get Kraken... Senior VP of Digital and Fan Experience Todd Humphrey joins us... plus we talk Christmas gift ideas for that sports fan in your house with Jack Cookson of Pro Am Sports. Plus other stuff.

Sportsnet's Jamie Campbell / Blue Jays...MLB...and ABBA Gold?

Sportsnet's Jamie Campbell joins the guys to talk new baseball stadium for the Jays, his thoughts on how the bubble season and playoffs rolled out, plus a few other stories to pass along. Fun stuff today.

Rod Pedersen / CFL, NHL, Scouts and the 'new direction' of Sports Media

Regina's Rod Pedersen joins us on the show to talk about sports... NHL, CFL and the way the media now has been 'directed' to cover sports.

TSN's Ray Ferraro / Ski Marmot

TSN's Ray Ferraro joins the boys to talk about hockey and few other things. Plus, Brian Rode of Marmot Basin tells us how a ski resort preps for a new season with new challenges.

It's The MASTERS/Golf Talk with Cam Cole

With The MASTERS on display this week, we chat with long time writer Cam Cole about his personal experiences at Augusta National and covering the PGA.

TSN's Bob McKenzie

Bryn and Robin chat with TSN's Bob McKenzie... now semi retired, living out by the lake... but he's still plugged in, as always! Plus, our memories of a guy named Joey Moss. What a guy!

Hockey Night in Punjabi's Harnarayan Singh/TSN Original Ken Chilibeck

Harnarayan Singh has a book out 'One Game at a Time' and it's a great read. He describes his journey from a small Alberta town all the way to National TV. Plus we catch up with a TSN Original Ken Chilibeck, who's getting ready for ski season at the beautiful Vagabond Lodge in Golden.

TSN 1260 Dave Jamieson / CFL stuff, NHL stuff, Lefty gears up and Mike Emrick's retirement

Lots of ground to cover in this episode... TSN 1260's Dave Jamieson joins the boys... lots of NHL stuff, CFL news, and the retirement of an NHL broadcasting legend Mike Emrick.

SportsNet's Tara Slone / The Pipeline Show's Guy Flaming

The boys chat with Tara Slone of SportsNet about her new show. Plus we also had a quick breakdown of the recent NHL Entry Draft with Guy Flaming of 'The Pipeline Show'. Brought to you by The Macintosh Group at RE/MAX River City.

Sportsnet's Chris Cuthbert / Crazy year, NHL Bubble Experience, No CFL

Where has the year gone? A long overdue reconnection with Sportsnet's Chris Cuthbert. SOOOOO much has changed.

Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin / Plus Hot Topics

On today's podcast the boys have a lengthy chat with Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin... plus we take on the hot topics of the week including a crazy and insane move by the Edmonton Football Club.

Stanley Cup Final, Player Awards, NHL Debris / TSN's Darren Dreger

Lots of NHL ground to cover with TSN's Darren Dreger... it's hard to believe it's September and not May.

One Goal in the NHL / Sportsnet's Ken Reid

Along with the usual sports topics of the week... we shoot the breeze with Sportsnet's Ken Reid about his new book. Once again another great angle for a book. One Goal Guys.

CFL Labour Day Blues / Morley Scott

There was a gaping emotional hole in the lives of many CFL fans this Labour Day weekend. Let's talk about it. CFL radio voice of the Edmonton Eskimos on 630 CHED Radio, Morley Scott joined us on the big show.

Life Inside the NHL Bubble and a great run by the Canucks

Just getting back on track... although a day late. But today we see how life inside the NHL bubble is with long time Journalist and Broadcaster Iain MacIntyre from Vancouver.

We are back! But where have we been?

Seven months. We've been away for seven months but there's a few reasons for the gap. We'll explain. But lots to talk about...

Ken Lowe / Barrie Stafford / Behind the Locker Room Door

So often the people who work 'behind the scenes' with a hockey or football team never get noticed. Yet what they do is vital to ANY team's success. Today we chat with two guys who were key figures behind the the teams they worked for- Athletic Therapist Ken Lowe and Equipment Manager Barrie Stafford. They've seen it all. They've done it all.

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