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Tim Hunter / Battle of Alberta

Battle of Alberta continues... last week it was Craig MacTavish who helped us reflect... this week Tom Hunter of the Flames joins the guys to get 'the other side' of t...

Craig MacTavish / Mark Spector / Battle of Alberta

Battle of Alberta- the new Gen edition! Craig MacTavish and Mark Spector joined the boys on this episode to help set the table for the first Battle of Alberta since 19...

Dennis Beyak / TSN / Farewell

Long time Broadcaster and well connected Hockey Guy Dennis Beyak joined the boys on this episode. He discusses his 50+ year career in hockey and why it was time to han...

Jack Michaels / Peter Loubardias / NHL Playoffs

Oilers broadcaster Jack Michaels and Flames broadcaster Peter Loubardias join the boys on today's podcast. Time to fasten our safety belts for the opening few games on...

Dan O'Toole

Former TSN and FOX Sports Anchor Dan O'Toole joins the boys on today's podcast. He was also irritated frequently by his cat in heat 'Remy' who was very active. Dan cha...

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