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Rod Pedersen / Jeff Krushell / CFL / NHL / COVID Recovery

Long time CFL broadcaster Rod Pedersen joins us to talk playoffs, attendance, ballsy Elks move and NHL stuff. Plus we chat with Physical Fitness Guru Jeff Krushel about how some top athletes are dealing with COVID recovery (some better than others) and how far the science of fitness, training and nutrition has come in the last 15 years. Also, why we BOTH think biting an opponent is punishable by death... well, not really... but it's lower than low.

Mark Connolly / CBC Radio / Elks Clean House

Veteran Broadcaster Mark Connolly of CBC Radio in Edmonton joined the boys... lost to talk about today... potential Olympic boycott of the next Winter games in China... What is SO special about the Olympics to begin with... Mark highlights some of his favourite moments from the Olympics he'd covered... The decline of the Eskimos/Elks over the last few years... exciting to see the Flames and Oilers surging... and how different the media now covers sports. PLUS!!! Bryn and Robin UPDATE the podcast with the Elks House Cleaning news!

Eric Duhatschek / Hockey Hall of Fame / The Athletic

Hockey Hall of Fame Writer Eric Duhatschek joins the boys to today to talk about Iggy and the rest of the newest inductees into the hallowed HHoF. Plus the journey to even get elected into the Hall, always a hot topic with hockey fans. Eric sheds some light on how it works. Solid episode today.

Craig MacTavish / Sportsnet?

A Player, Coach, GM, Scout and now.... a full-time Broadcaster? Sportsnet's Craig MacTavish joins the boys on this episode of The OUTSIDERS. Plenty of hockey talk, Kevin Lowe HHoF induction, Oilers, Connor, THAT goal, plus lots of other stuff too. We had some laughs. Bryn and Robin also talk about a brutal and unacceptable situation involving a female goaltender in the US.

TSN's Darren Dreger

We kick off Season THREE of The OUTSIDERS with TSN's Hockey Insider Darren Dreger. Lots of hockey to talk about. The Kyle Beach situation, The rise of the Hurricanes, the fall of the Coyotes, great to see both Alberta teams surging ahead, plus we talk about the Kevin Lowe banner raising night ahead. Finally... Bryn and Robin talk about the car crash that is the Edmonton Elks.

Todd Humphrey / Seattle Kraken Sr VP of Digital Fan Experience

Todd Humphrey, the Senior VP of Digital Fan Experience for the Seattle Kraken joined the boys to talk about their much anticipated home opener against Vancouver. Lots happening in the Emerald City this week in the new barn. Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Ice Hockey! Todd is pumped... and should be. Plus we talk Elks, Oilers and the value of a good Game Night presentation

Peter Loubardias / Iain MacIntyre / Eddie Steele

Loaded show. We preview the Flames with Peter Loubardias, the Canucks with Iain MacIntyre and talk Elks debacle and CFL stuff with Eddie Steele.

Sportsnet's Jamie Campbell / Blue Jays / NHL

What a crazy weekend for MLB... tough weekend for the surging Jays as they just fell short of making the post season dance. Sportsnet's Jamie Campbell joins the boys to talk baseball and some other stuff too. An honest breakdown of the Jays season and why there is so much to look forward to. Plus, we talk about the CFL, some athletes and how they've handled COVID, plus Canada Soccer dragging Mexico and Costa Rica to Edmonton in November.

Sportsnet's Craig Simpson

The guys knows his hockey... and has a TON of great stories to tell. Sportsnet's Craig Simpson joined the guys today to talk about his career as a two-time Stanley Cup champion, his time as as an Assistant Coach in the NHL and his long career as an NHL Broadcaster. We also talk about his experiences of playing with Mario, The Great One and Messier. Plus his thoughts on McDavid's continual growth and his feelings on losing his long time broadcast teammate Jim Hughson to a life of leisure. Solid stuff from Simmer.

Oilers Radio Voice / Cam Moon / 630CHED

Oilers Radio Voice on 630CHED Cam Moon joins the boys today as Training Camp is set to get rolling. Once again a full range of topics were discussed including a new season/fresh start, great having fans back in the seats, can Duncan Keith really help Evan Bouchard take the next step, best part of long bus trips across the prairies, the benefits of WHL hotels, and his podcast 'TOP CHEDDAR'.

Sportsnet’s Brad Fay / Baseball Hall of Fame / US Open / Raptors

Sportsnet's Brad Fay joined us on today's episode. What a week he had on the beat! We talked about his experience covering Larry Walker's induction ceremony into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, followed by a drive to The Big Apple to cover our Canadian tennis hopefuls at the US Open. Previewed the start of the Raptors season on SN and what to watch out for. Plus, learned how he got his start in the business and much more. We also send out our best wishes to a very good friend.

Behind the Scenes / Barrie Stafford & Dwayne Mandrusiak

The work they do, speaks volumes. The work they do, never gets attention. The work they do, is vital to the ultimate performance of a professional sports team. Today we focus on the Equipment Managers. Joining the boys on this podcast are two legendary Edmonton figures- Barrie Stafford and Dwayne Mandrusiak. Both avoided the limelight, but today we shine it on both guys. Lots of fun stories!

CEBL Commish Mike Morreale / CFL Talk with Rod Pedersen

Joining the guys on this podcast... Rod Pedersen talks Covid and CFL stuff from Regina... and the CEO of the CEBL Mike Morreale talks about the league, it's future, why this is great for young Canadian basketball talent and their successful Championship weekend.

Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Dave Tippett

Oilers Head Coach Dave Tippett joined the boys on the final show of Season Two. Lots to talk about... the summer of change with the Oil, new faces, can't underscore the importance of veteran leadership, Darnell Nurse coming off a monster of a season, feeling good about the depth up front, is coaching in Canada really that different from the U-S, he's saddened about the AZ situation, his playing career and what/who turned him on to coaching. Plus much more... including the Elks/Argos COVID postponement and the nice but slow build of the CEBL.

TSN 1260 / CFL on TSN / Dustin Nielson

TSN's Dustin Nielson joins the boys on today's podcast. Lots to talk about... his history and how he got started, CFL season gets rolling, his upcoming CFL play by play gigs, NHL talk including the Oilers 'off season', why it's tough going from a sports fan to a sports broadcaster, and his love affair with King James.

Double Shot: Sportnet's Peter Loubardias and Jamie Campbell

Bonus stuff today... TWO guests... Sportsnet 960's Peter Loubardias and Sportsnet's BlueJays host Jamie Campbell joined us on today's podcast. Lots to talk about... NHL Draft, how the Flames/Oilers did, the Hab's first round pick, the power/weakness of Social Media, the Summer/Winter Olympics, Maggie MacNeil with our latest Gold Medal, The Blue Jays are going home (finally), who's your Vladdy, the Harlem Globetrotters, ABC's Wide World of Sports and who the hell was that ski jumper. Other than that... we didn't talk about much.

TSN / ESPN's Ray Ferraro

Expert NHL Analyst Ray Ferraro joins the boys on today's episode of The OUTSIDERS. Lots to talk about as one of the busiest weeks of the year for thew NHL rolls out. We talk about Luke Prokop... the Duncan Keith trade, after a week to think about it... The NHL/Kraken Expansion draft... Ray's new ESPN gig.... Gord Miller/Chris Cuthbert stories... The Ray & Dregs podcast future... plus Ray loves golf!

CFL Legendary Receiver Brian Kelly

CFL great Brian Kelly joins Bryn and Robin on today's podcast. Lots of great stuff from the Eskimo legend including his time with the five-in-a-row Grey Cup champs, his style of running patterns, Warren Moon and the stunning array of 'other' quarterbacks he played with, thoughts the new name of the football club and Hugh Campbell. Did you know Kelly was an avid Triathlon athlete? Plus his thoughts on the passing of former Eskimo running back Michael Soles and the impact Michael had on him. Finally... Brian is leaving the U-S... he tells us where he's relocating.

Voice of the Edmonton Elks- Morley Scott / 630CHED

630CHED's Morley Scott joins the boys today as the excitement grows towards the start of an actual CFL season. YES- it's been awhile! Topics discussed: How will the League and Players respond to the lengthy break? Who's gonna lead the pack? New Head Coach in Edmonton. Lots of player movement around the league. Is the XFL/CFL 'thing' now dead? How does the League attract t a younger demo without pissing off the older and loyal one? Plus some NHL and Oilers chatter. Good stuff today!

Hockey Hall of Fame Writer Jim Matheson

Great stuff on this podcast with Hockey Hall of Fame Writer Jim Matheson. The boys talk about the Stanley Cup Final between Montreal and Tampa, the NHL officiating, the sad story in Chicago with the Blackhawks, what the Oilers will be looking to do this summer plus some reflections on his tremendous career of covering hockey.

SportsNet's Gene Principe

SportsNet's Gene Principe (Pun Machine) joined the boys on this edition of The OUTSIDERS. Lots of talk about... NHL playoffs, The state of Officiating in the NHL, Euro 2020, Alphonso Davies and the Canadian Mens Soccer team had a great week. Plus Gene tell us about his long 15 year career as a soccer referee. Where did THAT come from?

Bob Stauffer / Oilers Now / 630CHED

Oilers broadcaster Bob Stauffer joins Bryn and Robin on this edition of The OUTSIDERS. Focus is on the Oilers summer ahead and the challenges in front of the team and GM Ken Holland. We also talk about the CFL's announcement to return to play in August, plus the near tragedy at EURO 2020 involving Denmark's Christian Ericksen and how we flipped from watching sports to watching real life in a flash. Did TV cover that situation correctly?

Canadian Football Hall of Fame Broadcaster Bryan Hall

On today's podcast Bryn and Robin chat with Canadian Football Hall of Fame Broadcaster/630CHED sportscaster Bryan Hall. Lots of talk about... the new name fort the Edmonton Football Club, will there be a CFL season, what is the future for the CFL and will there be a merger with the XFL, Bryan's 10 years of play by play of 'another' sport, the picture that hangs on his wall of two famous people and his interview with the all-time great and legend Muhammad Ali. Great stuff today plus we talk about the Jets/Habs series... plus congrats to Team Canada at the World Hockey Championship!

TSN's Ryan Rishaug

TSN's Ryan Rishaug joined the guys to talk about hockey, the highs, the lows and the many surprises over his broadcast career. Including the difficulty and emotional experience of covering the Humboldt Broncos tragedy plus a few other interesting stories from his many years of journalism. Good stuff today.

Oilers & Jets Wrap-up / Jamie Thomas / JETS TV

JETS TV and CJOB broadcaster Jamie Thomas joins us from Winnipeg to help breakdown the craziest and hardest four game sweep you'll see. Full marks to the Jets on the win, plus now what for the Oilers. What went right and what went wrong?

Allan Mitchell / Lowetide / TSN 1260

TSN 1260 broadcaster and writer for 'The Athletic' Allan Mitchell (Lowetide) joins the boys on the podcast today. Lots of hockey talk on this baby as the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are underway in most series. Lots of focus on both Canadian series too. Listen while you can.....these series don't last long!

Peter Loubardias / SportsNet 960-The FAN

Long time broadcaster Peter Loubardias joins the boys to talk about the Flames, the Oilers, the playoffs and fresh season berries (he'll explain that).

Ken Hitchcock

The 3rd most winning Coach in NHL history, Ken Hitchcock joined the boys today to talk about a million things. Connor and Leon, Clare Drake, his lengthy coaching career in the WHL and NHL, the Olympic experience and intense national pressure, his fascination of U-S Civil War history, golf... plus his evolution to now helping Coach Coaches. Plus the boys talk about the NHL playoff run and how great a weekend Canadian golfer Mike Weir had on the Championships Tour.

TSN's Bryan Mudryk

TSN's Bryan Mudryk joins the boys on today's episode from deep in the Heart off Texas... why is the TV Voice of the Montreal Canadiens down there? He explains. Plus we talk about the Habs, Flames, Oilers, Jets and the spunky Vancouver Canucks.

CBC's Scott Russell / Tokyo Olympics- a GO or NO?

CBC's Scott Russell joins the boys today to talk about his broadcasting career, how he got started, who were his mentors, how he did at the Bobby Orr hockey school as a kid, his Hockey Night in Canada stint and how he became on of Canada's key Olympic broadcasters. Also we talked about the Tokyo Olympics, will they be able to pull this off in Japan and if they do, what Canadians to watch out for. Plus Bryn and Robin give their thoughts of the Canucks, Oilers, Flames and Patrick Marleau.

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