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TSN's Bryan Mudryk

TSN's Bryan Mudryk joins the boys on today's episode from deep in the Heart off Texas... why is the TV Voice of the Montreal Canadiens down there? He explains. Plus we...

CBC's Scott Russell / Tokyo Olympics- a GO or NO?

CBC's Scott Russell joins the boys today to talk about his broadcasting career, how he got started, who were his mentors, how he did at the Bobby Orr hockey school as ...

Oilers Play by Play Voice / Jack Michaels

Oilers Radio and TV Voice Jack Michaels joined the boys on today's episode. We talked about how Jack's interest in play by play started with an interest in The Preakne...

HNIC's Kelly Hrudey

Kelly Hrudey joined the guys on this podcast.... lots of topics to discuss. His role in the 'Easter Epic', how it still hurts to get SO close to winning the Stanley Cu...

CFL/XFL Story won't go away / Sens Playoff Spoilers? / TSN 1200 AJ Jakubec

AJ is XFL/CFL Pro-Merger... why? He tells us. Plus the future looks bright for the Senators, who're pissing a few teams off this season as spoilers. They are NOT the '...

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