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Tony Brar / OilersTV / Grey Cup / Oilers Woes

You've seen him on OilersTV. But who IS Tony Brar and what's his life story? Great interview with the boys today as we hear Tony's great story on how he got his start ...

630 CHED's Bob Stauffer / Marmot Basin's Brian Rode

'Oilers NOW' host on 630CHED Bob Stauffer joins the guys on this week's episode. Lots of stuff to unpack as the team has started to falter a little. Hardly panic time,...

Rod Pedersen / Jeff Krushell / CFL / NHL / COVID Recovery

Long time CFL broadcaster Rod Pedersen joins us to talk playoffs, attendance, ballsy Elks move and NHL stuff. Plus we chat with Physical Fitness Guru Jeff Krushel abou...

Mark Connolly / CBC Radio / Elks Clean House

Veteran Broadcaster Mark Connolly of CBC Radio in Edmonton joined the boys... lost to talk about today... potential Olympic boycott of the next Winter games in China.....

Eric Duhatschek / Hockey Hall of Fame / The Athletic

Hockey Hall of Fame Writer Eric Duhatschek joins the boys to today to talk about Iggy and the rest of the newest inductees into the hallowed HHoF. Plus the journey to ...

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